MegaBitcoin: Hold Megabitcoin Tokens and Earn Bitcoin As A Passive Reward

Millions of individuals are regarded to be unbanked and financially unstable in this day and age, a scenario that has made it difficult for them to access numerous financial benefits connected with banking, such as loans to expand their enterprises.
The problem of unbanked people around the world has yet to be addressed by central finance (CeFi) institutions such as the US Treasury and other world's central banks, resulting in many people around the world living in abject poverty because they lack access to capital such as loans to grow their small businesses.
One of the main motivations behind Satoshi Nakamoto's development of blockchain and cryptocurrency is to help close this financial gap and provide banking experience and financial freedom to the world's unbanked millions by leveraging blockchain's decentralization, which makes it efficient for cross-border money transfers.

MegaBitcoin is a bitcoin rewarding protocol developed by a group of Canadian crypto enthusiasts on the Binance smart chain with the goal and vision of creating global wealth among its community members through high rewarding structures never seen before in the cryptoverse, including community members earning real bitcoin as passive income.
MegaBitcoin organizes its business to benefit its investors. All of this unique project's aims and road map revolve around compensating investors through different incentive schemes including staking and mining dividend sharing.

MegaBitcoin has a reactive rewarding structure in which every holder of its native token MBC receives 11 percent of the total 14 percent transaction fees. The 11 percent proceeds come from a 5.5 percent transaction fee on all sell orders and a 5.5 percent transaction fee on all buy orders, with the remaining 3 percent coming from pancakeswap's liquidity provider fees, which will be used for liquidity provision, MBC token buyback, and replenishing the MegaBitcoin Loan pool.
MegaBitcoin was also created with the goal of providing financial independence to its community members and investors by providing low-interest crypto loans. These loans may be utilized to help individuals realize their fantastic company ideas while paying low interest rates thanks to MegaBitcoin membership.

  • A thriving community: You’ll agree with me that a solid community is the bedrock of any project seeking to succeed, and MegaBitcoin has exactly that: a collection of strong-willed individuals dedicated to making this happen. MBC is well positioned to take the cryptoverse by storm, with a strong community and a highly appealing business plan.
  • Holders of MegaBitcoin Token (MBC) will receive 11 percent Bitcoin(BTC) Reflex Rewards: The MegaBitcoin team has put in place a mouthwatering 11% reflex reward that will be settled in Bitcoin for any MegaBitcoin investor holding in excess of 1,000,000 MBC in order to ensure investors are exposed to the finest rewarding system ever in the cryptoverse. The awards will be paid in Bitcoin and will be offset by the revenues from transaction fees, which are set at 11% for all buy and sell orders of MBC tokens. The Bitcoin payment mechanism was created to provide investors more value for their money. Because the MegaBitcoin initiative includes bitcoin mining, obtaining BTC to pay the reflex incentive is not an issue.
  • Crypto Card MegaBitcoin: MegaBitcoin’s crypto card serves as a doorway to the platform’s decentralized financial functionality. It functions similarly to a crypto mastercard, storing money in the form of MBC. The card may be used to make online purchases from retailers who accept MBC tokens as payment.
  • Purchases may be made easily from online merchants/stores that take MBC tokens.
  • Every loan credited to the MegaBitcoin crypto card has a low interest rate.
  • All transactions made using MegaBitcoin crypto cards have low transaction fees.

One of the worries regarding bitcoin is its mining methods, which have been judged unhealthy for the environment. There has been a plan to transition from the environmentally unfavorable bitcoin mining technique to a green mining procedure, which the MegaBitcoin team intends to embrace.
The MegaBitcoin team is always looking for ways to reward its investors, and one of them is to set up a bitcoin mining farm that will be powered by renewable energy. The profits from the mining farm are subsequently split among MBC token holders in a reflex structure.

The MegaBitcoin team has formed a pool that will be used to buyback the MBC token from the market to maintain a purchasing pressure on the token and consistently drives its price up, with the goal of protecting investors' interests by continually providing the MBC token value.

The MegaBitcoin core team has designated a pool to hand out crypto loans to members of the MegaBitcoin ecosystem, which will be regularly refilled with proceeds from the MegaBitcoin BTC mining farm, in order to empower its community members and provide them financial freedom. As an extra benefit for being a part of the MegaBitcoin community and a holder of MBC tokens, any member of the MegaBitcoin community who has more than 1,000,000 MBC will have access to crypto loans with very low interest rates.

Whales in the cryptoverse are individuals who own a huge amount of a certain currency or token and may greatly influence its price with a single sell order, causing sell pressure that can ruin the price of that coin or token. To safeguard MBC tokens, which are the native currency of the Mega Bitcoin ecosystem, the project team devised an anti-whale dumping mechanism that prevents a single transfer from surpassing 0.5 percent of the entire quantity of MBC tokens. As the supply of MBC rises, the proportion of a single transfer that may be made will be lowered in order to keep the price of MBC stable.

Note: This restriction does not apply to deposits or withdrawals to the MBC liquidity pool.

The MegaBitcoin Dev team has built an automated liquidity increase utilizing a black hole algorithm to assure a higher price floor for MegaBitcoin -BNB token pairings. MegaBitcoin pairings gain liquidity thanks to a 3% reduction in the overall 14 percent transaction fees on all MegaBitcoin token transfers. Pancakeswap automatically adds liquidity to the pairings.

MegaBitcoin's MBC token is the platform's standard currency. On the Binance smart chain, it is a safe and speedy coin. It will be the source of energy for the MegaBitcoin ecosystem as a whole.

  • Token Name: MegaBitcoin
  • Ticker: MBC
  • Chain: Bep20
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
  • Smart Contract: 0xbAaa37361BA9489DD5049c245B00782451Be2Dd7

This is an instance of investors' interest coming first with this project, which was well supported by their project road plan and business structure; this is not typical among crypto projects in recent times, and it must be mentioned that the MegaBitcoin project is unique.

MBC is well positioned to take the cryptoverse by storm, with a strong community and a compelling business plan.

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