Ik Tech Solutions: A Diverse Financial Asset That Is Critical In The Cryptocurrency Industry.


Smart contracts have enhanced the availability and accessibility of money, opened doors to the most lucrative sources of income, and made monetary exchange a more joyful activity.

Smart contracts are a part of blockchain technology, which is an internet-based system built on distributed ledgers that enables platforms, goods, and services digitally.

The active consensus process of blockchain technology allows for a decentralized environment. Decentralized finances, or DeFi, add to the blockchain technology’s distinctiveness by enhancing transactional efficiency while lowering inconvenients and complications. It also increases the security mechanisms in place to secure your money or assets, as well as creating a highly transparent environment devoid of a central authority and possible dangers and frauds.

Blockchain has enhanced the financial industry throughout time by opening the way for cryptocurrencies, sometimes referred to as cryptos or tokens.

Cryptocurrencies are electronic money, and everything electronic is easier to use and transport. Paper money and fiat currencies are significantly more difficult to use and carry around than cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is based on a digital wallet or platform that allows you to execute transactions such as payments, cryptocurrency exchange, service booking, staking, and farming, among other things, with the help of certain enhanced processes.

With bitcoin, you may move money from one country to another in a matter of seconds, and the best part is that those transactions don’t require the use of an intermediary, assuring your entire privacy and security. Cryptocurrency has a wide range of applications.


IK tech is a solution provider inside the bitcoin ecosystem. What does it mean to be a “solution provider?”

The IK technology assists in comprehending the nuances of the bitcoin ecosystem. Working in the bitcoin sector requires the most relevant tools and facilities, which IK technology supplies.

This is what IK technology is all about: providing you with security and a welcome environment for you and your digital assets when you have issues with your transactional operations, or worse, your digital assets.

The IK technology is also included in a smart contract called the Binance Smart Chain Contract, or BSC, which the IK technology uses to provide appropriate cryptocurrency functionality to its consumers. The Binance Smart Chain Contract has numerous advantages and benefits, which is why it was chosen; it also qualifies the IK tech for the integration of other blockchain technologies in its community; and the IK tech has you covered when it comes to scalability and flexibility.


IK coin is the native cryptocurrency of the IK technology. This cryptocurrency is incredibly valuable and profitable, and it can be used to purchase goods and services all around the world. This token may be used for a range of cryptocurrency functions and is compatible with any smart contract in the cryptocurrency market.

The IK coin possesses the following characteristics:

Payments Can Be Made With It:

The IK coin may be used to buy and sell products and services, make purchases, and perform transactions, among other things. Orders for things from all around the globe may be placed with the IK currency.

Transparency & Immutability:

When you use the IK money, you can be certain that every transaction you make will be completely transparent and fair; nothing will be hidden, and records will be kept for future reference.

The cost is less:

All of your transactional actions in the IK tech ecosystem will be cheaper with the IK coin. The cryptocurrency market is riddled with money-hungry developers that charge high transaction fees.

Participants are welcome from all around the world:

The IK coin strives to be a worldwide phenomenon that aids in cryptocurrency adoption. Because it is borderless and endless, it will be able to reach audiences and aid in the development of beneficial partnerships for its users and investors.


1. Decentralized Finance for Yield Farming:

Yield Farming is achievable with IK technology; simply deliver your cryptocurrency to a market exchange to earn bitcoin. This transaction offers you bonuses and rewards that exceed your initial investment. By April of this year, this capability, as well as its decentralized exchange, will be ready.

2. Decentralized finance lending and borrowing:

Are you interested in investing in bitcoin or other digital assets but lack the necessary funds? Then, as long as you’re eligible, you may borrow from the IK tech ecosystem’s eager lenders. When you’re ready to pay, simply follow your lender’s instructions.

3. Staking in Decentralized Finance:

Stake your bitcoin for greater returns and earn passively. This feature allows users and investors to sit back and relax while their money works for them.

4. Decentralized Finance Token:

DeFi coins are being built on the IK technology, which might be used to stimulate or support the development of more decentralized tokens in the blockchain ecosystem.


● Token name : IK COIN

● Token Symbol : $iKC

● Contract address : 0xE4B57F8Bb37B4B1fA47C991178809151C25D6Ff2

● Max supply : 1,509,000,000

● Smart contract : Binance Smart Chain

● Token type : BEP-20

● Decimal : 18


June, 2020

Logistics, buy & sales, and finance are the three areas where we provide solutions. This results in a self-contained ecosystem. Three systems were designed for this project: iK Log (logistics), iK Fintech (finance and payments), and Shop Digital (e-commerce) (purchase and sales).


The logistics platform is being built.

1. iK Business is a B2B platform.

2. iK Executive — Transportation industry digitization platform

3. My iK — A B2C platform for purchasing shipping and logistics.


The logistics platforms have been completed, and the testing has begun.


Development planning and start (Fintech)

1. iK Coin is the first of a series of coins developed by iK.

2. iK is a financial and payment intermediary.


1. The establishment of a company in Portugal

2. Play Store hosting for the My iK and iK Executive apps.

3. The iK Executive platform is used to digitize transportation firms.

September, 2021.

The first distribution and logistics contract for a vast network of real estate outlets was completed.

October, 2021.

-Finishing the creation of the iK Coin smart contract

-The iK Coin website is launched.

November, 2021.

Pre-sale phase one

Phase 1 of the pre-sale of 800 million tokens for $0.005 starts on the 15th.

January 2022

Phase 2 of the pre-sale of 400 million tokens for $0.01 starts on the 15th.

February, 2022.

Phase 3 of the pre-sale of 300 million tokens at $0.02 begins on the 15th.

March, 2022.

The Digital Shop opens its doors.

April, 2022.

-iK Swap, a decentralized exchange, is launched.

-Exchange documentation on GitHub.

June, 2022.

-Activities on the DeFi Lending/Loan platform begin.

July, 2022.

Financial and credit services begin.

November, 2022.

DeFi Lending / Lending Platform is now available.

September 2023.

Fintech is being transformed into a digital bank.

July, 2024.

The global growth process has begun


Finally, the IK technology has the potential to provide a wide range of bitcoin solutions in the cryptocurrency market. It comes with a number of tools for carrying out bitcoin transactions as well as features to help you navigate the cryptocurrency world more successfully. It’s open to anybody interested in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, it’s simple to grasp, and it has user-friendly interfaces that make the cryptocurrency sector easier to navigate.

It may also be used as a logistical token and to pay for services and products in a number of countries. It will be more than enough in terms of usefulness in the bitcoin market, and it will be extremely useful in the real world as well.

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